E-identification across borders

As we work, live, study and run businesses in different countries the need to login with e-identification across borders is increasing. Below you will find more information about e-identification across borders.

Using foreign e-identifications

You are sometimes able to log in to public Swedish e-services if you have an e-identification from another country than Sweden.

In order to login there are some requirements:

  • the country has registered the e-identification to the EU so it can be used across boarders
  • the e-service has the log in option "Foreign eID" on its website.

The country that issues e-identification determines whether it will be accessible abroad.

You might be able to log in but can't use the e-service

Even though you're able to log in to public e-services you might not be able to use the functions in the e-service. This is because most Swedish e-services are connected to a Swedish personal identification number and the foreign e-identification is not. This means that you are placed in a so called "waiting room" with information that there are no available e-services for you.

Using foreign e-services with a Swedish e-identification

As of yet no Swedish e-identification has been registered to be accessible from the online services of other countries. This means that you cannot log in to foreign e-services.

We're in the process of registering Swedish e-identifications to the EU. Once this process is completed you will be able to use your Swedish e-identification across borders.

eIDAS makes it possible to log in across borders

eIDAS is an EU-regulation and applies as a law in Sweden. eIDAS requires Swedish public authorites to provide their e-service with the option to log in with a foreign e-identification.

The idea of the eIDAS Regulation is to make it easier to use the online services of other EU countries. All EU-member states and Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Faroe Islands are included in the regulation.

Video about the eIDAS regulation (youtube.com) External link.

On digg.se you will find information regarding which countries that are connected to eIDAS and have an e-identification that can be used to log in to Swedish public e-services.

Countries with an accessible e-identification that can be used in Swedish public e-services (digg.se - In Swedish) External link.